2020 has been a year! It has been filled with disconnect, confusion, and added anxiety for many due to COVID and the division in our country. We know the rate of relapse and overdoses have increased due to the isolation among those who struggle with substance use. We have been unable to have our clients experience transitioning home, having overnight visits with their children, or fun outings in the way we usually do. Yet in the midst of all this, there are experiences happening which continue to show us the impact of our program.

Disconnection – Women have expressed their gratitude of being in a safe and supportive recovery setting where they can connect with other women and staff daily. No longer having to be “out there struggling to survive.” They connect in conversation, fun game nights, and various groups that are offered. Confusion – How will the community and our state be after COVID? Having a place to talk about and manage those fears, the not knowing when it will end, and how to be safe in what we do. Division – Coming into a setting not knowing anyone and feeling anxious about fitting in and learning to reach out and talk to each other, and finding out what they have in common rather than focus on differences.

These new skills in all areas will have a ripple effect in their families and communities as they move on from Mahala’s Hope. We will remain their connection if needed, however we know we have prepared them to make those steps forward in being a good and responsible community member who can affect change … change in her own life, and so much more.

November is the time of gratitude, a practice I take very seriously. It continues to show me how very much I have to be grateful for on a daily basis. I will be forever grateful that donors believed in my vision for Mahala’s Hope so we can be open for those women and families that need our services. To know I can come to work daily and watch the impact and transformations that happen here is truly a gift. Wishing each of you and your families a very Blessed Thanksgiving.

In deepest gratitude to all the women and families who enter our doors,
In deepest gratitude to all of the staff with your skills you so willingly share,
In deepest gratitude to all of the volunteers who put in hours each month,
In deepest gratitude to all the donors that make Mahala’s Hope possible,

In peace,
Sandy Hardie