Morning Star

Morning Star is a 15-year-old Morgan mare. She has an extroverted personality and is skilled at teaching others the importance of boundaries as well as watching over the herd.


Esse is a 12-year-old Morgan mare. She is a very perceptive horse that picks up on emotions easily. She often acts like a teenager finding ways to get into mischief.


Shy is a 19-year-old red roan Quarter Horse gelding. He is an excellent leader and is very skilled at teaching people about assertiveness.


Maggie is a 20-year-old black Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is a very nurturing, kind hearted horse who helps people learn to trust and make deep connections with others.


Sky is a 16-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He has a quiet confidence and enjoys spending time with people.

Pony Boy

Pony Boy is a 19-year-old Shetland pony gelding. He is easy to get along with and provides stability in the herd. He has a playful personality and is a great […]


Coco’s wisdom and spirit live on, guiding each of us in our journey of transformation.