What to Expect

Mahala’s Hope is an experiential learning facility that partners with horses to assist in unearthing hidden patterns of behavior or thought. The horse is less threatening than traditional forms of therapy, thus it proves to be beneficial in progressing the individual to discover emotional health faster and with better results.

When you attend a session, just be open to the process. Horses do not judge by appearance, social or economic status, or gender. They are excellent teachers with a remarkable ability to maintain their health. Thus, horses are positive models for healthy boundaries, using assertive communication, and maintaining a conscious connection with the surrounding world.

Our sessions take place outdoors, so dress accordingly. Please wear closed-toed shoes. In the case of inclement weather, we will have the session in our enclosed arena; however, in cooler weather, the arena is not heated (although there is a heated section to warm up). Dressing in layers is encouraged.