Written by the grandson of a recent client.

My grandmother had recently been struggling with depression and drinking. She was in the hospital a couple times to detox, and we where worried sick about her. We worried that she might not get better, permanently damaging something, or worse. My whole family and I encouraged her to get better and seek help. This is when she found Mahala’s Hope. I can not express how much the folks there have helped her on the path to recovery and a healthier lifestyle. They have an amazing atmosphere and instill hope and love back into peoples’ lives.

When my grandma first arrived, she was very hesitant about opening up and sharing what she had been going through. After a few weeks I could tell she was finding her voice. I would visit my grandmother every weekend, and every time I did, I saw her coming back from what I thought was going to kill her. I cannot thank the people at Mahala’s Hope enough for helping my grandma and so many other people struggling with addiction. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.