Karen Simon, Counselor Aide

I am a Counselor Aide who has been employed at Mahala’s Hope since the Recovery Residence opened its doors for its first client October 2016. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Marian University in Fond du Lac, and have over 18 years experience working in a social work position.

I enjoy being able to mentor the women at Mahala’s Hope and guide them as they learn to understand their stengths and path in life. I enjoy helping the clients with daily household duties and cooking techniques; these ladies can cook some really great meals and I am proud to be apart of helping them to grow.

Karen is able to recognize the importance of a work-life balance, and when she is not busy helping others, she enjoys spending time with her pets, kayaking, hiking, yoga and grounding herself in nature and all the blessings it has to offer. The holistic approach and rural setting of the recovery residence at Mahala’s Hope is what makes this a perfect fit for Karen, as she is a country girl at heart.