Equine Experiential Workshops

Mahala’s Hope offers equine experiential workshops for a variety of groups in the region. Because horses are prey animals, they are very attuned to the energy and emotions of others. Their trust must be earned, making them ideal partners in self-discovery.

In addition to emotional recovery, equine experiential learning helps build leadership skills. Great leadership is based upon trust; horses respond to leaders that they trust. When the participant learns to project calm, positive energy, the horse reflects it back with a positive response. When these newly learn skills are applied in their daily lives, participants are able to realize their hidden potential.

Between five and eight participants work with our four horses, engaging in various ground activities, such as observing, grooming, haltering and leading the horses. (Riding is not a component of the workshops.)

What programs are available?

We offer substance abuse and trauma programs ranging from one-day workshops to 4-6 week
programs. We also work independently with individuals and serve private or corporate groups.

  • For upcoming workshop dates and locations, contact us.

A Day for Mothers and Daughters

Whether you want to get closer, understand more about your daughter or mother, or just learn more about yourself, this workshop is for you.

Women’s Workshop

Our women’s workshop takes two disparate approaches: it can be geared toward women recovering from addiction and trauma or women simply looking for a day of wellness and increased self-awareness. For the former group, we cover topics that would be difficult to handle early on in treatment, meeting one evening a week for six weeks. For the general women’s wellness workshop, we limit it to a single day and focus on slowing down, being present and enjoying yourself.

Professionals’ Day

These corporate retreats bring staff members together to work on predetermined, company-specific goals, such as leadership, thinking outside the box, communication and teamwork.

Vicarious Trauma

The vicarious trauma workshop was designed for individuals who deal with trauma on a regular basis, including caregivers, police officers, firefighters and other first responders. The two-day program accommodates a slower pace and opportunities to be creative. The goal is to provide guidance in self-care and help change participants’ perspectives so that they can continue to be effective at their jobs.

Men’s Program

We have led a variety of men’s groups in the past.