Outpatient Counseling

Individual Sessions

These counseling sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual needs of the client, regardless of whether you have stayed at our transitional recovery residence.

  • To learn more, contact us or call 920-904-6445.

Continuing Care — Creating Hope

This is a group for women in recovery. Are you looking for a different approach to your recovery? Acknowledge your courage, commitment and persistence in your efforts to reclaim your inner strength by joining us for a 12-week women’s recovery group.

As you are surrounded by a circle of women you will:

  • Learn to be kind and gentle to yourself
  • Find your inner sense of balance / peace
  • Listen to your body and its needs
  • Begin to reclaim your strengths and gifts

In this recovery management program you will have the ability to gain new awareness and coping skills that will enhance your ongoing sobriety. Topics addressed; trauma, communication skills, healthy boundaries, building self-confidence, mindfulness and several others.

  • To get involved, contact us or call 920-904-6445.