Transitional Recovery Residence

Mahala’s Hope created a transitional recovery residence to fill a gap in services available in the region. While many primary-care services, such as 30-day treatment programs, exist throughout Wisconsin, many women recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse — and the trauma associated with that — need a place to prepare for their return home so they reduce their risk of relapse. Our goal is to impart the coping skills and life skills required for them to return to their communities and live independently. We are a safe place without judgment.

We can accommodate up to eight women (18 and up) at a time, and the average length of stay is 90 days. During their stay, we help our clients apply for jobs or find community service opportunities, work with them on budgeting, seek out housing, make appointments with doctors and dentists, provide access to a fitness trainer, and offer individual counseling and group activities.

The residence facility itself features a family-like setting located in a rustic, nature-enriched area. Our clients often form a sisterhood, finding camaraderie while building support systems during their time together. This is a safe place, where trained staff is available 24/7 to provide support and a holistic approach to treatment that includes physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care.

Chief among our programs is equine experiential learning, through which the residents learn about themselves while observing, grooming, haltering and leading our horses. Because horses are prey animals, they are very attuned to the energy and emotions of others. Through these the one-on-one sessions, the women learn to self-regulate, maintain boundaries, persevere and problem solve. They also gain confidence.

Other activities include yoga and meditation, experiential art, group therapy, gardening, cooking and other contributions to the welfare of the house. We also teach the women how to have fun in recovery through nature walks, bike rides and day trips.

  • For inquiries, contact us or call 920-904-6445.