We have certainly been through a transition in our equine program. As some of you know, Alexa Strehlow joined our team in September as the new Equine Specialist. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and passion for horses as you can see in her bio on our website. Our herd has had adjustments as well. We thought Morning Star (far left photo) was going to retire this summer, however she has been gracious enough to continue her work here until we get our new herd working as the team of teachers they can be. Gigi did retire to be with Ariana on her farm and is doing well with her herd mates there. Major was very sad to see her go. Savannah (last photo) and Max (third photo) have joined our herd, and were able to reconnect as they had been separated for several years. Prince (second photo) continues to be the steady teacher along with Morning Star. Major will be returning to his owner as he was on lease with us. Alexa is excited to start working more closely with the new herd to see how they will work together.