Giving a voice to the Mahala’s Hope herd is the foundation of our Experiential Learning programs. When we listen to the subtle body language, actions, and vocalizations, we are able to translate that unbiased feedback into opportunity. Opportunity for clients to become more aware of their interactions with others. To empower our equine colleagues, it’s important that we not only hear their messages, but validate them as well. When Morning Star began to ask for more breaks more frequently, we knew she was ready to move on from this chapter of her life.

Morning Star began her journey with Mahala’s Hope when it first opened its doors in the fall of 2016. She naturally fell into the role as sentinel of the herd and it was one she maintained regardless of the herd changes over the years. She quickly became known for her big personality. She’s extroverted, perceptive, curious, and confident.

Perhaps her greatest gift is her uncanny ability to teach those around her about boundaries. Whether it’s a bold new herd member, client, or staff, she’ll help you recognize the importance of honoring your boundaries and the boundaries of those around you. She has also proved to be a skilled teacher in the dynamics of partnership, leadership, and seeing the bigger picture.

Morning Star will retire to the farm she grew up on, Sandy’s personal farm. There she will run the hills with her “heart herd” which includes her sister, who will be soooo happy to have her home full time. She will enjoy trail rides and giving rides to the grandchildren. Morning Star will continue to do some of this work when we do retreats on that farm. She has been an amazing team member at Mahala’s Hope and we thank her for her service and love.