This Spring Mahala’s Hope welcomed a new addition to the herd! Luna is an adorable six year old black Welsh Pony. While she is short in stature, standing only 10.1 HH (a mere 41 inches), she is full of personality!

Luna is very extroverted and loves to interact with her herd members as well as clients. Her breed was developed in the Welsh Mountains. They were historically employed as haulers for coal mines, military artillery, and postal services. Their common traits of hardiness for varying terrain, gentle disposition, and high intelligence have led them to careers all throughout the equine industry, like equine assisted therapy. In Equine Experiential Learning programming she has been gifting clients connection, confidence, and a sense of security.

Luna was donated by Paige Marcella Wilfert of Nature’s Touch NHC LLC.

Paige shares the journey that led to the donation, “I met Luna a few years ago when I started trimming her. She has always been such a sweet and enjoyable horse to work with. Luna was given to me last year after she started having painful inflammatory hoof problems. It quickly had gotten to the point where she could barely walk. She needed a new environment and lifestyle to heal. After her healing process was complete and was once again feeling well, it was time to search for her new home. It was important to me that she be placed in a home that not only loved her but could also provide for her needs.

I have been trimming the horses at Mahala’s Hope since July 2019, and was impressed with the staff, facility and the care the horses had. I was honored, in a small way, to help care for the horses who served their incredible mission. After talking with Sandy and figuring out the details, I was hopeful this would be the perfect place for Luna. After her arrival back in March and hearing the impact she is already having, I am certain I made the right decision for her. She is doing well, and I am excited for the future she has at Mahala’s Hope and the lives she is able to touch there.”