After having worked in some capacity since the age of 18, I happily retired in 2014. The last thing I wanted to do was find another job, even a part time one, or be tied to a schedule. So becoming a volunteer driver for Mahala’s Hope was a good fit for me. I have some free time, I’m close by, and there’s no formal commitment. Taking all of that into account, I’d have to say I really don’t deserve much credit for my efforts. If I’m helping free-up some time for the staff so they can concentrate on more important things, there’s certainly a sense of satisfaction from that, so I guess my small contribution is as much about me as it is about the organization and its residents.

I enjoy my conversations with the “girls” as I drive them back and forth to appointments. Their stories amaze and inspire me. Many of them are willing to share very personal details about their lives and experiences, and also their hopes and dreams for the future. It’s clear that their time at Mahala’s is making an impact, and in spite of the occasional personality conflict between residents (what room full of women wouldn’t have that), they are extremely complimentary about their experience there and about the staff. I believe that at least for some, Mahala’s Hope is a major stepping stone to a better life. I’m proud to have an association with such a worthwhile organization.

Thank you for your dedication, Teri!