About Mahala’s Hope

Mahala’s Hope is a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to assist women in recovery from substance abuse and trauma, which may include physical/sexual violence, childhood trauma and/or trauma stemming from their addictions.

Primarily, we help women (age 18 and older) after they have already received primary rehabilitation, serving as a stepping-off point before they return to their communities. Through our transitional recovery residence, we teach both coping skills and life skills so that they can return to the community with confidence and live independently. We are a safe place without judgment.

We take a strength-based and holistic approach to treatment, providing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care. Our remote, rural setting immerses our clients in nature — from our horses and surrounding wildlife to flowerbeds and vegetable gardens to sunsets and serenity — all of which help the women with meditative mindfulness. During the equine experiential learning component, the residents learn about themselves by working with horses.

Mahala’s Hope is small enough to meet the specific needs of our clients and work with them to develop personalized strategies, always endeavoring to uncover and understand why they make the choices they make. Our on-site counselor helps them create individual treatment plans.

In addition to our transitional recovery residence, we also offer equine experiential workshops to various populations, including vicarious trauma groups and corporate teams, as well as outpatient counseling.