Why do you partner with horses?

Mahala’s Hope believes working with horses is a powerful and effective method for a person to gain emotional insight, leading to healthy changes in attitudes and behaviors. Horses are social creatures who readily and honestly respond to human emotions and body language. They offer immediate, constant feedback. Partnering with horses inspires healing and growth, an understanding of who we are, and how we will be able to integrate this knowledge in our lives.

Whom does Mahala’s Hope work with?

Individuals, businesses, community members and families offering a wide range of specific programs based upon participants needs and/or desired outcomes. Through interacting with horses, we hope to leave each person changed, rejuvenated, and restored.

Through our transitional recovery residence, we help women who have completed primary treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse and need a place to learn coping and life skills before returning home.

Where did your name come from?

The name “Mahala” means woman in one Native American language and tenderness in Hebrew.

I have a fear of horses; can I still participate?

Yes! Previous experience with horses is not required. We understand horses can be intimidating animals, and strive to make you feel comfortable while in contact with the horse. Programs are tailored to the comfort level of each participant. Trained staff will ensure your safety and be with you every step of the way.

How is Mahala’s Hope funded?

Mahala’s Hope is a non-profit 501 © 3. We receive a combination of public and private funding, as well as fees collected for the equine assisted learning. Learn more about how to donate here.

Where do the workshops take place?

We currently offer workshops at our Eden, Wisconsin site. For specific directions please see the Contact Us page.