Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Mahala’s Hope transforms lives through nature-based healing programs of recovery.

Our Vision

The vision of Mahala’s Hope is to offer women in recovery a better chance of success by providing a recovery residence specifically designed to address substance abuse and trauma. The facility teaches individual holistic health, how to care for one’s self, and how to live in healthy relationships with others.

The newly opened recovery residence provides women tools for addressing their past addiction, gives them safe coping skills, and teaches them how to live in light of their new-found sobriety.

The recovery facility offers women the chance to work and socialize in the community while getting further support from residents and staff. Hence, if relapse occurs, the client can process it with others to identify negative patterns and ultimately change the behavior before the addiction regains control.

The goal is to fill a gap observed in the current system. Our site is set on a working farm where nature can be a daily part of the program as well as the equine experiential learning.

Our Core Values

Belief in Growth, Learning and Recovery

Mahala’s Hope operates from a belief that every participant desires change and can take steps toward attaining a productive and self-sufficient life.

Strength-Based Philosophy

Strength-based planning builds on a participant’s unique qualities and identified strengths that can then be used to support strategies to meet his or her needs.