Meet the Horses


Age: 23
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Role: Lead Mare/Sentinel
Personality: Left Brain Extrovert

Savannah is a 23 year old Quarter Horse mare who does an excellent job of assisting clients with finding their sense of self confidence in our program. As our herd’s lead mare she is very confident in herself and authoritative by nature which in turn pushes program participants to remain authentic and true to themselves and to match her in that leadership position all while keeping a present, calming, assertive yet playful energy.


Age: 12
Breed: Arabian Cross
Role: Leader
Personality: Extrovert

Prince is a 13 year old Arabian gelding that requires clients to be aware of their energy and emotional state. He is the herd’s sentinel and nurturer and with his Arabian breeding he is extra sensitive to the energy and emotions of clients which provides instant feedback to their present state. Prince brings awareness to self regulation, grounding and respect into our program as well as a charismatic, playful, friendly presence.



Age: 26
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Role: Nurturer/Companion
Personality: Right Brain Introvert

Max is a 26 year old Quarter Horse gelding who excels in our program with withdrawn, sensitive clients. He is very gentle and adjusts himself in sessions to accommodate the participant needs and maintains his herd role of the companion and nurturer. Experiencing trauma himself, clients relate to him and are able to open up about their own experiences with the gentle support, understanding, acceptance and love Max provides.


Age: 20
Breed: Foundation Morgan
Role: Lead Mare/Sentinel
Personality: Extroverted

Morning Star is a 21 year old Foundation Morgan mare who brings teamwork and organization to sessions. As the former lead mare, she pushes participants to be confident and assertive yet maintain a harmonious partnership. Morning Star is fantastic at teaching clients to be assertive in setting and keeping boundaries all while conducting themselves in a respectful, confident leadership position, keeping a self assured energy.


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