Our Herd Is Small But Mighty and They Need Your Help


If you have not yet had the chance to meet our amazing horses check out more about them and their unique talents on their introduction page.

These gifted teachers have taught participants to develop self-awareness, gain confidence, see life’s challenges from a new perspective, and develop communication skills, among other things. Doing all this teaching is very hard work and requires special care and maintenance to ensure they stay balanced and happy while helping others. This special care┬ácosts more than $10,000 per year providing feed, hay, veterinary care, hoof care, and holistic wellness for the herd. While this may sound like a lot to spend on horses, it is a small price for the tremendous impact their work have on others.

We are confident that with your help we can raise the funds to keep these talented horses thriving as they help many more participants in transforming their lives.┬áLet’s work together to reach our goal.

If you are interested in supporting the care of the amazing herd at Mahala’s Hope, you can find more info and spread the word about our generosity campiagn by clicking the picture below.

Help the Horses of Mahala’s Hope