Before I came to Mahala’s Hope in November 2019, my life was at a standstill. I had given up on my life and my responsibilities. I basically isolated myself in my bedroom while living with my elderly parents at their house.

One night, out of frustration and desperation, I prayed to a “HP” (higher power) to either get me help or I would end up killing myself by the New Year.

My prayer was answered in an unexpected way. My family had an intervention (without me!) and found a grant program to assist me in going to live at Mahala’s Hope for 90 days.

Upon arriving at Mahala’s Hope, I was scared and I did not know what to expect. All of the staff were, and are, amazing! They have given me a second chance at life and I am forever grateful. I know that these women will support and be there for me, if ever and whenever that may be!

Some of the valuable lessons I learned at Mahala’s Hope were:

1.) Growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone.

2.) Confidence is the best thing a woman can wear.

3.) Trust in the recovery process.

4.) Do not be afraid to ask for help.

5.) Take it one day at a time.

Since leaving Mahala’s Hope in February, I am no longer living at my parents house, got a part-time job after six years of being unemployed, lowered my medications, and have met people in recovery (and at meetings) these past six months that will be friends of mine for the rest of my life!

I did NOT want to go to Mahala’s Hope, but now, I am so happy that I did! I would love to go back … it has changed my life for the better and it’s just a beautiful place to be at.

Thank you,