Determined to break the family cycle of trauma, abuse, and addiction, I found myself living in a beautiful space beyond just sobriety and survival. My eight year journey into sobriety and more has led me to thrive, to experience true peace, joy, and happiness, and propelled me into a life full of purpose and passion.

I discovered I loved being with youth of all ages, and did so through coaching High School Softball, working as a special education aide in my local school district, and working at an area child care center until early 2021. My eagerness and desire to learn guided me to finding new interests and skills in different energy healing modalities, including  through Reiki. I became a Certified Reiki and Theta Healing Practitioner. That, coupled with becoming a certified Peer Support Specialist, gave me the opportunity to help others find themselves at a deeper level. I am blessed to be able to utilize these when I volunteer Reiki services to women I currently work with at Mahala’s Hope.

After working part time over the last several years as a counselor’s aide at Mahala’s, I recently stepped into the roll of House Manager. Being here, I feel I can best utilize my strengths on multiple fronts, and can be the best that I can be to be the best for others. It is in an incredible honor to work here in this capacity, surrounded by outstanding women, and exceptionally supportive and loving staff.

I look forward to continue learning more in trauma informed trainings, and hope to integrate it all into my actions with every human I cross paths with, especially my family and the women who come through the doors at Mahala’s. In my recovery I have also found a love for nature- especially the woods, and enjoy doing outings there and camping with my family outside of work. My husband is also in long term recovery, and the healing journey in our relationship has been amazing, as well as in the lives of my children. In gratitude is where I now find myself often.