How Mahala’s Hope gave their daughter the healing environment she needed, written by parents of a past resident.

Our 28-year-old daughter struggled with alcohol abuse since attending college. Her life was drastically declining due to her alcohol abuse and she could not make the hard decision to go into a rehab facility until November of 2018. Thankfully, Mahala’s Hope welcomed her.

Living at Mahala’s Hope gave her a real chance at staying sober long enough to remember who she really was as a person and the sober person she wanted to continue to be. The counseling and therapy she received at Mahala’s Hope helped her realize she had a full life awaiting her if she chose sobriety and did the hard work to maintain a sober lifestyle. Mahala’s Hope gave her the opportunity to live with other women struggling with similar issues and formed a support system, along with therapeutic activities and exercise, creating the structure she needed in her life. Spending time caring for the horses at Mahala’s Hope was also very beneficial as she’d taken riding lessons as a young girl and loves animals. In many ways, Mahala’s Hope offered a very healing environment for our daughter. We wholeheartedly believe that the three months at Mahala’s Hope gave Mackenzie hope: that sobriety was and is to this day the path to a more fulfilling and peaceful life. Thank you Mahala’s Hope.