September is National Recovery Month!

This year’s theme is Celebrating Connections. Connections is what recovery is all about. Mahala’s Hope provides a safe and supportive environment for women in early recovery to begin making those connections that are so necessary for long-term recovery. We also promote healthy connections with family and non-using friends as well as professionals that will be there to further guide them on their healing journey. We know women and men who struggle with substance abuse and mental health need many different support systems in place to celebrate the small steps forward and offer support during the challenging times. During this time, we want to celebrate those whom are successful in recovery, support those continuing to work towards long term recovery, and say a prayer for those who have lost the battle. It is important for us to be here and show that recovery is possible and support you in whatever way we can.

Please reach out to us at 920-904-6445 if you need support.

Sandy Hardie, Director – in long term recovery